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Uniblue SystemTweaker 2012 Final Full + Serial Key - is safe and simple tool to customize Windows to suit your preferences. Windows can be a difficult operating system to set up, as it includes many preset configurations that are difficult to correct.

Uniblue SystemTweaker 2012 Final Full + Serial Key - safe and convenient tool that allows you to customize Windows to your liking. By fine tuning the menu "Start" to the quick and easy changes to the network behavior SystemTweaker comes packed with over 50 tweaks, all chosen to make your work with Windows a little more comfortable.

"Start" menu 
- Adjustments to display the icon menu "Start» (XP, Vista, 7): These adjustments can hide or show the icons in the "Start" menu.
- Enable scrolling menu "Start» (XP, Vista, 7): Windows can use multiple columns to display the icon "Start" menu. When you turn the scroll menu "Start» Windows saves
one column, but adds the ability to scroll.

Control panel
- Deny access for remote administration of a floppy / disk drives CD-ROM (XP, Vista, 7): If remote access is allowed, another user on the network access
to your data. For reasons of safety of this access can be denied.
- Multiple network adapters for balancing overload (XP, VISTA, 7): Uniform distribution of network load between multiple network adapters, if any.
- Allow the print server notification messages (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is enabled, any notification server will automatically be displayed in a pop-up messages
- Broadcast of information in the network for access to brand new shared printer (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is disabled, shared printers are not available to other computers on the network.
- Hide passwords to access network file shares (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is enabled, passwords to access network file shares are shown as asterisks.
- Disable printer sharing (XP): This is the lock allows you to ban the use of printers connected to your PC over the network.
- Disable File Sharing (XP): If this adjustment is disabled, locked access shared files on other network components.
- Hide My Computer in the list of network browsers (XP, Vista, 7): Hides your computer from other users in your network.
- Allow remote access to the registry for all types of users (XP): If this adjustment is enabled, access to your registry is open to all users.
- Display network statistics errors (XP, Vista, 7): Click the network connection status tab is added with additional statistics.

- Enable DVD in Windows Media (XP): Allows Windows Media Player to open and play the DVD.
- Automatic start of the inserted CD-ROM with data / audio CD (XP): If this adjustment is included, runs start automatically inserted into the CD-
- Enable faster access to media files with the extension AVI (XP): Accelerates access to films through the folder with the extension AVI by preventing unnecessary loading of data.

Startup and shutdown of Windows
- Allow password caching Windows (XP, Vista, 7): If the adjustment is off, the user will have to enter your Windows password every time you try to access
password-protected resource.
- Allow loading of the desktop during the execution of a logon script (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is enabled, the Windows desktop is loaded even before finalizing
logon script.
- Clearing the paging file on every shutdown Windows (XP, Vista, 7): If this adjustment is enabled, used for virtual memory file is deleted at shutdown.

Context Menu
- Suppress the default context menu in Explorer Windows (XP, Vista, 7): By default, a shortcut menu appears when you right-click on the desktop or in a window
- Explorer Windows. When this adjustment is not performed the call menu.
- Add the option "Open with" in the menu of Windows (XP, Vista, 7): Function "Open with" program allows you to select specific files to open.
- Suppress the context menu, invoked the right mouse button to the taskbar Windows (XP, Vista, 7): Hides the menus that appear when you right-click on the taskbar.
- Add the option "Open Command Prompt" in the menu of Windows (XP, Vista, 7): This adjustment adds to the popup menu option "Open Command Prompt" for the directory
where you clicked the right mouse button to display the menu.

Additional Windows settings
- Automatic restart Windows error blue screen (XP, Vista, 7): Automatic restart Windows when it detects a critical system error.
- Suppress the PC speaker beep when a system error (XP, Vista, 7): When a system error, the PC speaker emits a warning sound.
- This adjustment allows you to turn off the sound.
- Display more detailed information in the Device Manager, Windows (XP): Device Manager displays additional information, see "Details" tab "Properties".
- Run the Windows desktop as a separate process (XP): Normally, Windows runs a process for the desktop Windows, the taskbar and all the other problems the Explorer. This means that
that in the event of failure of this process above all other objectives will also be closed. If you run the Windows desktop in a separate process, it will increase its stability.
- Maintain the performance of programs in the performance of print jobs (XP, Vista, 7) This adjustment ensures that the execution of print jobs are not slowed down the work program, taking
too large a share of system resources.

- Automatically set the focus to the window when you move the mouse pointer on it (XP, Vista, 7): With this tuning the operating system activates the window when you move
on it the mouse pointer.
- Display tooltips for the buttons "Close", "Expand" and "Close» (XP, Vista, 7): By default, when you move the mouse pointer on the button "Close", "Expand" or "Close" in the upper right corner of any window , you will be prompted with information about the appointment of a button. This adjustment allows you to turn off the display mechanism of these tips.
- Use the Web-connected files and folders (XP, Vista, 7): Stored on the hard disk HTML documents often contain a large number of files associated with the main document HTML. This adjustment combines the main HTML file with all the related files, so that when you move the main document to another location, all related files are copied along with it.
- Use Windows Explorer when you open "My Computer» (XP, Vista, 7): If you open "My Computer" using Windows Explorer, you get convenient navigation bar. If the
Tuning is enabled, the window of "My Computer" is always equipped with a navigation bar.

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