Twhirl v0.9.7 Terbaru sahara laptop.

Twhirl v0.9.7 Terbaru

Twhirl 0.9Twhirl is a desktop client for social networking applications such as Twitter, Friendfeed, identi.ca or seesmic. With it, you can connect multiple accounts from the mentioned services and use them from a single program. Twhirl notifies you everytime you get a new message, so that you can actively follow a conversation, without larger delays.

You can also use twhirl in collaboration with Ping.fm in order to share your updates in Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or one of the many other possibilities. Besides normal Twitter tweets, you can also post images to TwitPic. It is also possible to combine some of these, and for example record a video on Seesmic and then share it immediately on Twitter!

Twhirl is a program based on Adobe Air which also runs on different platform such as Windows and Mac OSX. It is a desktop client that allows you to access Twiiter, Friendfeed, identi.ca and seesmic sites.

It notifies you when you have new messages, shortened the long URLs to save space and characters, write longer posts as well as check your spellings and so on. In addition, it post images to yfrog, automatically find tweets mentioning the username. Also, it can record a video on Seesmic Video and get the updates using XMPP.

Password : soft-gratis21.blogspot.com


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